(For insured persons) Request regarding E-mail address when making inquiries.

 Dear all


When making inquiries by e-mail to Accenture Health Insurance Society, Value HR Customer Service Co., Ltd., or Health Insurance Business Processing Center, please use one of the below.


1. Email address given by the company (Company domain email address)

2. E-mail address registered on the portal site by yourself (see the figure below for confirmation method)


If you use an email address other than the above, it may take some time to verify your identity, which may delay your response.


Thank you very much.


How to confirm (change) your portal site e-mail address 

(1) After logging in to the portal site, click "Confirm/Change Personal Information" from the "Account Services" menu on the upper right.


(2) Confirm "E-mail address" in "Personal Information. If you want to change your e-mail address, click "Go to Personal Information Change Form" at the bottom of this page, and enter the available e-mail address, and click the "Update" button to update it. 


You may register an e-mail address other than the company domain for the pink e-mail address. However, since this e-mail address will be used to confirm the insured person's information, please register an e-mail address that the insured person himself/herself can receive.

End of message