Health insurance administration work to be partially outsourced. (from December 3, 2020)
Dear Members of the Accenture Health Insurance Society,
The Accenture Health Insurance Society has decided to partly outsource the health insurance administration work. Accordingly, for inquiries to the society, please contact the following. 
Representative phone number:03-6380-1601  
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-      Health Service Portal Site (access and usage, menu, points, etc.)
-      Health Checkups(How to input data into the system, health checkup authorization form, appointment changes and cancellations, etc.)
  Value HR Customer Service Inc. will answer your questions.
  ※Direct Call:0570-075-708(*Japanese only)
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-      Adding and deleting dependents, voluntary continuation, issuing insurance cards and various certificates
-      Operation related to medical expenses including high medical care costs expenses and additional benefits
-      Operation related to benefits including the Maternity Lump-Sum Allowance and Additional Maternity Lump Sum Allowance, Maternity Allowance,Medical expenses and Burial Fees (Costs)
*Excluding Injury and Sickness Benefits, Maternity Allowance
  Accenture Health Insurance Society, Health Insurance Business Center, Value HR Co.,Ltd.will answer your questions.
  ※Direct Call:03-6709-8028(*Japanese only) 
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Other (Please select "3" for other than the above.)
  The Accenture Health Insurance Society will answer your questions.
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