FY2021 Influenza Vaccination Announcement

The Accenture Health Insurance Society will be subsidizing the expense of influenza vaccinations again this year.

The method for receiving a subsidy is as follows.
① Please make sure to include "influenza"in the proviso of the receipt!
② The name on the receipt is only the individual name of the vaccinee. (No company or project name)
③ Please keep the receipt until you get points.

Individuals eligible for subsidy
Insured individuals and dependents (same as last year)
Covered vaccinations
Influenza vaccinations administered at a local medical facility
*On-site influenza vaccinations will not be administered at offices.
Subsidy application method
Apply from the "Influenza Vaccination Subsidy" page on the Accenture Health Insurance Society website. (You may also apply from your smartphone.)
The "Influenza Vaccination Subsidy" page will open on October 1, 2021.
*Take an image of your receipt and upload it.
*Submission of original documents not required.
・Name of the person receiving the vaccination(In the case of plural, it is the name of all the members)
・Date of vaccination
・Explanation:Indication that the cost is for the influenza vaccination Name of medical institution
・Signature of medical institution or person in charge
Insurance subsidization method
Funds equivalent to the cost of the influenza vaccination will be awarded as points. (Maximum limit of 4,000 points per insured individual or dependent)
*Points are awarded approximately 2 weeks after application.
Vaccination period covered by subsidy
*Points are awarded approximately 2 weeks after application.
If you are planning to retire, please apply with sufficient time before your retirement date.

Click here to access the "Influenza Vaccination Subsidy" page.